Rackwise: Comprehensive Suite of DCIM Tools

IT managed services serves diverse business segments by untangling the web of planning challenges for multi-tenant data center operators around the world,” begins Guy Archbold, President and CEO at Rackwise. Entailing this need, the Folsom, CA-based Rackwise develops and markets software applications for IT infrastructure, data center monitoring, management and optimization, data center cost efficiency and green data centers in the emerging market—Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Rackwise DCiM XTM—infrastructure management software—the company’s flagship product helps companies to manage and measure their data centers’ operational efficiency to meet the rapidly changing dynamics of the IT infrastructure environment. This in-depth, robust software suite incorporates open architecture designs into a vendor agnostic platform and provides the IT professionals with maximum flexibility for efficient integration in any computing environment. “The Rackwise offering delivers inventory management to effectively manage the front end of data center consolidations, as well as the ongoing monitoring, validation and other back-end utilities,” says Archbold. With advanced features and functionalities, DCiM XTM identifies hidden capacity, assures reliability, and improves efficiencies resulting in accelerated return on investments through significantly optimized data center facilities and IT infrastructures. It is a comprehensive suite of DCIM capabilities within a central, scalable platform architecture that enables visualization, modeling, and analysis tools for making significant decisions about enterprise.

Furthermore, Rackwise DCiM XTM extends its visualization strategy into cloud and virtual IT environments enabling 360-degree visualization of customer’s data center infrastructure from all integrated data center locations world-wide. The software has an unsurpassed set of business analytics and proffers quality dashboards and reports for furnishing a detailed operational view of key business financial and service metrics across data centers.

The firm offers a range of professional services for implementation and consulting of Rackwise DCiM XTM—to empower customers to be operationally self-sufficient. These services ameliorate customers with data center projects, import and collect existing asset data, and train end-users on Rackwise DCiM XTM. Rackwise’s absolute real-time monitoring capability measures critical information such as power, current, temperature and other elements.

We deliver inventory management to manage front end of data center consolidations, ongoing monitoring, validation and other back-end utilities

Industry standard communication protocols are built into Rackwise DCiM XTM to calculate the positive effects of a proposed change to a data center. Leveraging Green Data Center feature from Rackwise DCiM XTM’s extensive modeling and real-time monitoring capabilities, organizations not only save the environment, but also save energy, ensuing in significant cost savings.

Subsequently, Rackwise DCiM XTM Cloud delivers customers a fully managed DCIM solution that provides features and capabilities within cloud environment for dedicated customer-specific deployments. This solution is built for massive scaling of environments with numerous data centers and enterprise infrastructure requirements. Rackwise includes hosting, maintenance, technical support within a structured tiered monthly named-user subscription licensing model based on the deployment size. One such is Rackwise DCiM XTM OnDemandTM—Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, designed for enterprises to embraces traditional Application Service Provider (ASP) hosting concepts. This offering requires no alternative hardware, OS or database software for hosting the Rackwise DCiM XTM application. Structured as an annual subscription, the cost includes named-user fees, as well as hosting fees including all the software updates.

Rackwise is poised for growth by delivering innovation and compelling business value to the data center infrastructure marketplace by continually enabling efficiencies. Their solutions assure higher levels of reliability enabling the discovery of hidden capacities within IT infrastructures and computing environments.