Fortrust: High-Availability Colocation Services for the Modern Business Setup

CIO VendorSteve Knudson, President & CEO
Sometime back, the management at the Dallas, TX based Business Network Consulting (BNC), an IT consulting and support services provider, was in a bit of a dilemma when seeking solutions for their problem at hand–expanding their cloud hosting capacity for their clients. The firm wanted complete physical and electronic security, total redundancy, and reliability, high-capacity connectivity to other datacenters, and unmatched customer service and responsiveness. After scrutinizing through prospects, BNC approached FORTRUST—a service firm, known for efficaciously illuminating gaps in data center infrastructure capabilities and modernizing technology on an enterprise scale. FORTRUST worked with the firm and successfully modernized their cloud hosting platform capacity through their colocation services. This transformation entailed BNC with the ability to access multiple data points round the clock, including power consumption, humidity levels, and aisle temperature data. Alongside, it offered BNC with the transparency they required to ensure maximum utilization of their data center environment.

“We are focused on providing customers with the most technologically advanced and efficient environment to colocate their IT infrastructure and protect their data,” says Steve Knudson, Vice Chairman, President and CEO at FORTRUST. The firm proffers an agile and sustainable raised floor and modular data center capacity for enterprises—held by optimal power infrastructure and connectivity to secure mission-critical business services. The Colorado data center provider also offers IO Data Modules, considered the most advanced data center technology in the current competitive market. These modules proffer a significant increase in per rack densities fostering improved infrastructure design to handle dynamic IT loads. “It allows the customer to optimize their colocated IT environment in the most cost-effective manner,” asserts Knudson.

We offer an agile and sustainable raised floor and modular data center capacity for enterprises

“The services allow companies to outsource their IT infrastructure to a third-party data center and ensure that their IT equipment and IT infrastructure is running efficiently,” says Knudson. Focusing on efficiency, FORTRUST employs one of the most comprehensive and extensive Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools in the data center and colocation industry. The multilayered physical security capabilities of the DCIM tool accurately reflects the current electrical and mechanical critical systems usage to fully optimize the data center infrastructure and ensure the highest levels of reliability.

COLOVIEW—the latest patent pending technology and service gives customers 24/7 visibility and real-time monitoring into their colocation environment via smart phone or computer. This gives customers a real-time, customized view into their IT environment via a mobile device or personal computer. With COLOVIEW, users not only have access to up-to-the-minute data about their colocated environment, but they can also access historical trends to help them better plan for future upgrades or expansions. “COLOVIEW is changing the way data center users connect with their colocation services,” notes Knudson. “We have never had a Service Level breach on temperature and relative humidity or power availability and our customers are able to access a real-time report card of our service level achievement at any time through the COLOVIEW service.” FORTRUST invariably operates its colocation data center based on the philosophy of complete visibility and transparency into its operational framework and to its customers.

Situated in one of the lowest risk geographical climates, FORTRUST has taken additional precautionary measures to mitigate any potential risk into IT assets, ensuring the highest level of risk mitigation measures in the industry. This innovative technology is revolutionizing the way customers view and leverage their data center services. FORTRUST’s technology will ensure a secure and protected IT infrastructure from now into the future.