Sunbird Software: One-stop DCIM Solution

CIO VendorDr. Ching-i Hsu, Chairman
In the days to come the world will witness fully virtualized, automated, software-driven and cloud based data centers. In a recent prediction Gartner stated that software defined data centers would be a mandatory requirement for nearly 75 percent of global enterprises that seek to implement hybrid cloud model by 2020. The swift move from the private to software and cloud-based Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) helps enterprises reduce costs, cut down manual labor, improve data center asset utilization and capacity management, optimize uptime and predict infrastructure related issues. “Traditional tools being used today are ineffective in addressing the complexity of today’s data centers,” says Ching-I Hsu, Founder and Chairman of Sunbird Software. The firm’s DCIM tool offers a complete suite of DCIM capabilities to help manage assets, connectivity, workflow management, reporting, and dashboards, with infrastructure monitoring for maximizing energy costs, power utilization, and environment safety.

“Sunbird Software helps customers use data center resources more efficiently and enables them to meet the evolving business demands,” says Hsu. “Our DCIM software— dcTrack replaces Excel, Visio and home grown databases, and bridges information across organizational domains to maximize the utilization of data center assets,” adds Hsu. With dcTrack, Sunbird is changing the way data centers are being managed. The DCIM software helps data center operators manage tasks and processes faster and more efficiently than ever before, while saving costs and improving availability. “We empower data center managers, giving them command and control of their infrastructure through integrated tool sets, which are focused on managing the monitoring and operational aspects of a data center,” articulates Hsu. dcTrack further eliminates the complexity enterprises face by removing the dependency on emails and spreadsheets to transform the delivery of data center services.

Sunbird Software help customers use data center resources more efficiently and enable them to meet and the evolving business demands

“With more than 850 global customers, Sunbird is a leader in the growing DCIM software field, we further look for new opportunities to grow and to provide the best customer and partner experience,” says Hsu. “Customers choose Sunbird DCIM for its ease of use, product breadth and our commitment to their success,” he adds. Once, a full service global airline—British Airways needed to refresh and extend its existing DCIM across some of its IT infrastructure. The airline was on a constant lookout for a single, yet flexible solution to manage their server allocation, fibre/cable patching as well as to plan future utilization, power and cooling capacity needs. Working with Sunbird, the client implemented its dcTrack solution that provided them with real-time information about their facilities, networks and IT. The dcTrack software successfully helped them to manage placement of IT equipment, make informed capacity management decisions and accurately track data center assets. The British Airways is currently using dcTrack across its data center infrastructure to manage server, power and network connectivity changes. Through this collaboration, the client provides a work order capability to formally control upgrades and manage capacity planning. “We believe that our success hinges on understanding customers’ problems and therefore we align our innovation investments in a way that best addresses them,” says Hsu.

Based on a pragmatic approach to deliver successful DCIM deployments for data center customers worldwide, Sunbird’s next big step is to scale its go-to-market reach. “We will continue to expand our leadership and invest in our DCIM solution that helps data centers reduce costs and better manage their uptime and capacity utilization,” concludes Hsu.