PCM [NASDAQ:PCMI]: A Modular Approach to IT Infrastructure

CIO VendorStephen Moss, SVP Managed Technology Group
No conversation in the boardroom ends without the mention of ‘information technology’ these days. The discussion around the business alignment with IT and deciding the annual spending on security is getting louder, with latest data center developments. However, as firms pilot their strategies to achieve agile business intelligence, they often end-up making IT an obstacle.

“It’s the CIOs who take the heat,” explains Stephen Moss, SVP, Managed Technology Group, PCM, “as stakeholders overlook the fact that their company is implementing decade old tools, perpetual upgrade requirements often fail to stay at par with the potential of latest technologies.”

El Segundo, CA based PCM has positioned itself to help stakeholders and CIOs to foster their organization’s growth in the wake of a technology driven business world. PCM brings full range of technologies such as on-premise and cloud solutions, data center, and networking tools that yield the anticipated values from customer’s investments. The company also brings the expertise of regional CTOs and SMEs under its roof to assist firms at the intersection of capital expenditure and operational consumption.

“We implement approaches we have used for our own challenges, which supports both digital and analog business models,” says Moss. This ensures that PCM is passionate about its customer’s business success and understands the underlying challenge best described as ‘infrastructure must be unnoticeable and remarkable at the same time’.

The scalable cloud portfolio of PCM can support any size of data center deployments. With this, organizations of all sizes can leverage the benefits of latest cloud services that serve best to their growth trajectories. The PCM palate of data center offerings is flexible as it adopts a ‘Modular-type” approach to build solutions inside the data center.

We implement approaches we have deployed for our own challenges as a rapid growth company, supporting both digital and analog business models

“At the lowest level, we reach densities of 100 percent in our rack space giving incredible performance value and at the highest tier we handle the entire solution stack including support of applications to disaster recovery instances,” adds Moss.

PCM uses its professional services arm to design and deploy solutions into customer’s premise and other locations for system and application residency. “Our professional services team assists customers as they go from ideation through deployment,” says Moss. Once a solution is in place, PCM’s three tiers of support ‘Essential, Advanced, and Premier’ take the steering wheel to enable IT infrastructure to perform at peak level. “Our managed services operations centers are staffed with elite certified resources that leverage a unified management platform with proven tool sets and Information Technology Infrastructure Library processes, all visible to our customer through a secure unified services portal,” adds Moss.

Various organizations in North America have leveraged PCM's expertise in the IT ecosystem. In one instance, an international consulting firm was able to increase agility of its IT deployments by implementing PCM’s SAP and HADOOP cloud portfolio.

Such success stories are testament to PCM’s commitment towards investing in customer experience managers and adopting customer centric model to remain at forefront of end-users challenges. “Through service delivery applications and customer experience management we can provide one version of the truth to customers, leaving no mystery or vague notion of value in solution delivery,” says Moss.

In the coming years, PCM will strengthen its position in the software defined and continuous code deployment environment. “We will be further refining this as we expand lifecycle management well above the infrastructure layers up into the highest levels of application management,” concludes Moss.