Nlyte Software: Optimizing Data Center Assets

CIO VendorDoug Sabella, President and CEO
The proliferation of data and its security requirements have increased infrastructure complexities, with data centers at the center stage of housing substantial amount of hardware and the associated equipments. To seamlessly run the core IT applications, a data center requires extensive backup power supply systems, cooling systems, networking connections and policy-based security systems which increases the maintenance cost of the data centers. A comprehensive solution is required to ensure organizations save cost and power while accelerating business processes. In such a scenario, realizing the present requirements of the data center, Nlyte Software, delivers the insights required to visualize, control and predict data center capacities—space, power cooling and network connections. “The health of a data center’s infrastructure is critically important to an IT organization's mission to deliver high-quality services on time and cost effectively,” says Doug Sabella, President and CEO, Nlyte Software.

The Nlyte suite provides a comprehensive view of all data center assets, supports automation for Move, Add and Change (MAC) management, and helps to visualize the entire data center infrastructure in real-time. The solution provides clients the ability to automatically search for IT assets, collect important data to accelerate implementation and keep the records up to date. After the assets of the user is accounted, Nlyte maps the logical data collected during the discovery process and creates a visual model of the entire data center estate. The clients are also bestowed with the ability to manipulate the virtual model of the data center, creating ‘what if’ scenarios to plan their MAC initiatives before committing the team to implement the changes. To implement the final virtual model, the company offers a robust, data center workflow process and the results are measured in real time. The reports are then sent to the management to review via a rich library of standard reports and dashboards. The historical data stored in the Nlyte database can be utilized to track trends and forecast future requirements for space, cooling and power.

The health of a data center’s infrastructure is critically important to an IT organization's mission to deliver high-quality services on time and cost effectively

The software facilitates users to seamlessly control data center processes with the help of the reports on dashboards using an integrated Business Intelligence engine.

The solution also reduces data center operating expenses by up to 20 percent annually. The time to deploy new assets is also diminished by up to 50 percent, prolonging data center life by up to 75 percent and helping to attain Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 2.0 or less. As a result, companies can manage their power consumption intelligently, shrink their carbon footprint and optimize critical data center infrastructure to drive down costs. This helps organizations to easily translate their strategies into plans, monitor execution, and provide the insight required to improve financial and operational performance.

In an instance, Nlyte enabled a client providing interconnection and data center services to reduce energy consumption, sell more space and plan for expansions. The customer had clients who depend on them to provide reliable, always-on service and plan for easier future expansions while saving cost on energy bills. The real-time information that Nlyte software provides about the critical systems in data center, empowered the client to make better decisions without witnessing any downtime or loss of data.

The firm recently created a Data Center Optimization Initiative (DCOI) module to help federal agencies report on their progress and an Energy Optimizer to help data centers run efficiently. “Nlyte’s dedicated DCOI module will make it significantly easier for federal agencies to increase the efficiency of their data centers,” concludes Sabella.