Methode Electronics [NYSE: MEI]: Versatile Physical Layer Infrastructure Management

CIO VendorMarc Dunham General Manager
Corporations today are transitioning from data center ownership, to using co-hosting and colocation services, to staying relevant in a hypercompetitive marketplace. In such scenarios, pre-fabricated modular data center components allow the service provider to offer flexible infrastructure options that support agile workflows and open compute projects. And it’s no surprise that more service providers face an array of challenges pertaining to physical infrastructure. “We address the needs of our customers, that include cloud hosting and colocation service providers, by offering a ‘customized, pre-configured physical layer infrastructure’ that maximizes network performance and minimizes risk,” said Marc Dunham, General Manager, Methode Data Solutions Group.

Delivering a unique set of products—in combination with unparalleled prowess in manufacturing/installation of high performance fiber and copper connectivity solutions—Methode helps customers build cost-effective, efficient and scalable data center infrastructures. At a closer look, the organization provides data center infrastructure design, custom fabrication and installation, cable plant design, maintenance services for MAC activities together with end-to-end project management.

A recent project involved a large State University where Methode replaced the University’s infrastructure components and worked with their staff to optimize the design of a new in-house datacenter. In this case, Methode reviewed the proposed layout, identified discrepancies and made recommendations for crucial new design changes.

Developed to manage and house data center assets— including hardware, fiber optic and copper cabling—Methode’s cabinet solutions minimize the infrastructure and equipment risks associated with data center operations. Their pre-configured cabinet line, for example, was added to the product portfolio to accelerate customer implementation. As such, all Methode pre-configured cabinets come with pre-terminated cables, PDUs and power components for a more efficient cabinet enclosure. The modular design ensures quick installation and convenient customization. “The advantage of a pre-configured cabinet is that we do all the work in-house, reduce onsite time and labor and manage the materials logistics all while delivering customized infrastructure based on the customer’s unique specifications—providing what we call a “true plug-and-play solution,” continues Dunham.

We address the needs of our customers, that include cloud hosting and colocation service providers, by offering a ‘customized, pre-configured physical layer infrastructure’ that maximizes network performance and minimizes risk

In addition, Methode provides rapid deployment of end-to-end cabling infrastructure solutions that deliver high density performance with extreme flexibility. The firm’s Fast ChannelTM Switch Connect is designed to reduce excess cable slack and extend the lifecycle of the switch’s physical infrastructure. While the modular approach for Fast ChannelTM Switch Connect hardware components allows for the dimensioning of any enterprise class switch, it was developed with a specific focus on Brocade and CISCO-based networking equipment.

Methode’s PDUs are a recent addition to their product offering; and were engineered and designed for critical power distribution and load balancing. They are available as both standalone units and pre-installed accessories in one of Methode’s many data center cabinet offerings. The firm plans to launch an intelligent PDU (iPDU) later this year.

Methode values their reputation as a trusted partner and they continue to develop innovative technologies like the AC6000, a UPS with unprecedented energy density and long battery life designed to help data center managers save energy, protect IT equipment from outages and prevent power overdraw. Manufactured by Methode’s Active Energy Solutions, the AC6000 can easily integrate with third-party DCIM and PDU solutions.

Committed to making a difference in the industry, Methode strongly believes in exceeding customer expectation. Propelled by a consistent focus on regularly revamping their product designs and services, and driven by a dedicated management team, Methode Data Solution Group thrives on a culture of excellence, and the ability to deliver top-notch products and services, in order to simplify implementation and mitigate operational risk.