Digital Realty: Rendezvous with DCIM Capabilities

CIO VendorA. William Stein, CEO Today businesses thrive on and are fuelled by the capabilities garnered from a data center infrastructure. Data is everything, but in the absence of an efficient system to manage it, the same can turn out nugatory. What is the point of having a data center infrastructure when you can’t drive it towards value? However, managing a data center infrastructure can seem like a Byzantine task. Data center administrators seek comprehension of and visibility into the dynamics that power the functionalities involved. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) comes as an epiphany to the administrators, enabling enterprises to obtain useful information resourceful insights, and effective control over the data center and relevant IT infrastructures. Despite leveraging cloud technology, many organizations still need to maintain their in-house data center infrastructure. A DCIM solution fixes this problem by embedding aspects such as building management and energy management; with an equitable stress on managing the IT resources needed to support the infrastructure. The company is making promising efforts towards making this service accessible to all, operating from their very base at San Francisco. “In addition to having a field, or a building within sight of a sub-station or even a finished data center what we think is very important is connectivity. That is, to have fibre. What we offer is an interconnected platform with sites around the world and that's a very compelling value proposition,” indicates A. William Stein, CEO, Digital Realty. Leveraging the potential of with DCIM services, data center management process can seem like a proactive job to users, as technicians gain the authority over processes surrounding efficiency improvement. DCIM can help organizations to anticipate potential failures and change their policies accordingly to soar the use of resources and revamp operations involved in a data center.

Digital Realty creates data center solutions and connectivity services for all kinds of businesses. Enterprises worldwide benefit today from Digital Realty’s comprehensive breed of DCIM services, data center solutions, interconnection products, colocation strategies, and predominantly private access to the cloud. The company delivers a comprehensive array of scalable and competent data center services globally, besides facilitating processes which involve securing, administering, and scaling of data center campuses. Digital Realty’s open platform connects their 150-plus properties, extending across 14 counties and 5 continents with customers worldwide. These properties are scattered along 198 establishments, which furnish a comprehensive list of data center services for businesses across the globe. Digital Realty aims at simplifying business processes for their clients with their interactive DCIM services, so that these firms can focus more on core activities which add value and revenue. They realize the need to eliminate obstacles that limit business processes, and implement strategies to ensure exceptional service delivery and network-dense interconnection for enterprises who want to add value.

Envisioning Data Center Infrastructure Management

The dedicated team at Digital Realty values the significance of DCIM technique in streamlining data center operations and how the solutions can help the administrators to get a comprehensive view of their data repositories.

In addition to having a field, or a building within sight of a sub-station or even a finished data center what we think is very important is connectivity. That is, to have fibre. What we offer is an interconnected platform with sites around the world and that's a very compelling value proposition

Their proprietary DCIM platform, aptly touted EnVision, helps enterprises gain insight about their data center processes by harnessing real-time data, besides providing access to standard reports. Operators utilize the potential of EnVision to collect and analyze copious amount of high-speed data in real-time, across multiple systems and processes. The platform’s sophisticated offerings include dashboard features, coupled with capabilities that show the synergy between systems and tools.

Digital Realty’s EnVision platform is SaaS-based high-availability network architecture, integrated with enterprise class capabilities of information monitoring data management. Users can broaden their outlook in the market; by accessing both high profile and comminuted views of their data center operations, across multiple sites, globally. The firm has access to an extensive amount of relevant operational data based on Digital Realty’s expanding client base. Utilizing this data, they can set benchmark for performance parameters depending on client-specific data on a single dashboard.

Role of a Comprehensive DCIM Policy

When executed appropriately, DCIM strategies can help enterprises enhance performance and productivity, while bringing value to the IT infrastructure. Digital Realty’s DCIM strategy is immensely reliable, featuring support for access and dependability requirements, besides identifying and terminating sources of risk. The DCIM policy can help clients to model the price structures of building, apart from assisting them to control the assets housed in the data centers. Energy management, resource management, change management, network connectivity management, and capacity management are some of the notable services listed under the portfolio of a comprehensive DCIM policy. There are several solutions in the market all delivering disparate capabilities, but Digital Realty strives to integrate all these services within one platform.

The scope of DCIM can help enterprises to streamline their IT infrastructure with the business goals. Energy consumption rates and energy expenses are reduced significantly employing a DCIM strategy. Administrators are bolstered with the ability to track, view, and maintain all the resources within one frame of the complete infrastructure. Decision makers can save millions by eliminating the hassle of undertaking activities which are prone to inaccuracy or processes which end up consuming a vexatious amount of time and by automating the commission policy of new equipment. A comprehensive DCIM plan incorporates provision for including forecasting capabilities and capacity planning automation. Essentially, by adopting DCIM services, enterprises save the planet, as the approach successfully makes its stride towards reducing carbon footprint in the world.
Empowering Businesses with Comprehensive Data Center Services

Digital Realty's data center and DCIM solutions are trusted by industry leaders globally. The exclusive clientele comprises of monumental organizations like NaviSite, Zayo, CenturyLink, Align, Sungard, and the list goes on. Codero, a dedicated provider of cloud hosting solutions, was unsettled in the absence of a first-rate Tier III data center infrastructure. The capabilities that were desired included support for client businesses and disaster recovery services, with utmost consideration for reducing power and labour prices, while rendering maximum uptime for their client. Emil Sayegh, President and CEO, Codero Hosting, expresses, “We definitely needed a Tier III, top-notch facility, away from natural disasters, where we could hire people in a cost effective manner and have efficient power costs.”

Digital Realty offered their expertise and assistance to Codero by building them a campus-style data center in Dallas, which houses state-of-the-art resources, with provision for an on-premise power distribution system. Digital Realty furnished Codero with space, energy, cooling facilities, and connectivity solution, besides setting up private connections within data center itself.

"A CEO needs to be able to lead the orchestra appropriately— needs to know how to optimize the resources within the company to achieve the desired outcome"

Moreover, Codero was searching for a long-term partner who would not only align their data center scheme and business objectives, but also support the policies pertaining to data center management. Codero was able to maintain their business model of providing customers with maximal uptime, in event of a power outage. Codero continues to make bunce out of Digital Realty’s data center and related DCIM services, while embarking their journey of furnishing hosting services and expanding their customer base along the route.

Leadership is Pivotal to Success

Leadership has been a primary quotient in determining the standpoint of Digital Realty’s venture as an enterprise. “A CEO needs to be able to lead the orchestra appropriately—needs to know how to optimize the resources within the company to achieve the desired outcome,” enunciates William, reflecting on his role as a leader. William has gathered numerous accolades over the years, holding on a broad range of leadership acts, before undertaking the leadership mantle at Digital Realty. He along with his diverse team, comprising of industry leaders and technology experts at Digital Realty are focused on building customer relationship by delivering industry insights and designing solutions which scale according to business needs. Under the guidance of William, his group push the limits to develop a global standard for data center infrastructure management, building a wide range of colocation and connectivity services catering to a multi-market base. Digital Realty’s comprehensive suite of data center and DCIM services are orchestrated to manage variegated assignments and streamline the IT infrastructure. “We have built a global platform of data centers through which our clients are literally tied to us. Our customer base is global, so we have to be global, too, and they work with us, in part, because of the consistency and predictability of experience,” concludes William.