Device42: IT Infrastructure made Easy

Having worked previously as an IT consultant in numerous companies—managing data centers, Raj Jalan informs that many corporate data centers still lack visibility and control within their IT infrastructure. A typical scenario was jeopardized with eExpensive, non-integrated, point solutions that did not deliver functionalities such as affordable and comprehensive software that was also easy to deploy and use. Motivated by the prevailing predicament, Jalan took a big step in search of efficient Data Center and IT Infrastructure Management (DCIM) tools that led to the genesis of Device42. The New Haven, CT based firm provides IT managers with functionality that substantially helps them identify, visualize, and manage their IT infrastructure using a single, unified console.

Device42 software’s robust customization abilities enables IT staff to access intelligent data center diagrams that accurately reflects their IT environment thereby enabling more informed decision-making. By improving infrastructure service delivery with actionable data, Device42 correlates relationships between physical, logical, and virtual environments—proffering a powerful tool for problem solving. Alongside, the usage of Device42 gives every member in the data center team anytime, anywhere, web-based access to capabilities having positive and profound effects on data center operations.

Delivered as a virtual appliance, Device42 provides comprehensive features including agent-less auto-discovery via RESTful APIs for rapid data input and inter-application connectivity. Concomitantly, their automatically generated rack diagrams eliminate the redundancies of manual drawings and spreadsheet records. It automates data center management with a variety of auto-discovery tools for physical, network and virtual infrastructures. The solution tracks and supports CPU, RAM, HDD and customizable hardware components. Adding credence, Device42 software enables data center managers to anticipate and avoid thermal and power related problems with proactive real-time and historical management capabilities. Furthermore, Device42 takes complete control of all the systems by managing shared accounts and passwords with granular access controls.

IT asset management capabilities of Device42 offer powerful asset auto-discovery and configurable asset types accommodating any IT asset type within the infrastructure.

Device42 correlates relationships between physical, logical, and virtual environments—proffering a powerful tool for problem solving

Right from tracking the lifecycle of devices and non-IP based assets from their purchase, to decommissioning, Device42 is setting a benchmark. By allowing, Device42's IP address management tool allows staff members to auto-assign available IPs to devices and provides simple API calls to find next available IP, search for an IP, or assign a new IP using scripting language.

Vindicating such expertise, Device42 assisted an NY-based company, a provider of financial services as they faced challenges in having a single repository to track and view infrastructure devices and configurations. This was due to the use of manually kept lists and databases, which consumed large amount of time with respect to the actual infrastructure. With the implementation of Device42 solutions the company replaced multiple disparate tools and had a centralized console providing easy access to data center teams located in multiple locations. Moreover, information was easily manageable and kept up-to-date. Ensuing this, the solution provided comprehensive functionality entailed for data center activities, comprising of asset tracking and inventory management, IP address management and infrastructure changes.

“Device42 is redefining the way businesses manage their physical and virtual IT environments and, more importantly, the results they achieve,” remarks Jalan. Against the backdrop, the firm has expanded post-haste through their pragmatic tools; the firm backs every technology deployment with a unique level of support.