AIS Data Centers: Data Centers with Self Healing Mechanisms

The advancements in technology—from cloud computing to mobility, predictive analytics, and BYOD are redefining the technology landscape today. To survive in this scenario, IT infrastructures should move away from the traditional siloed approach towards a converged infrastructure in which server, data storage, networking, and other competencies work together to facilitate the business goals. As many businesses are struggling to don this new role, AIS Data Centers, headquartered at San Diego, CA, provides business-ready IT infrastructure that proffers security, compliance, connectivity, and support with lesser operational costs. “Our mission is to provide innovative and trusted IT infrastructure solutions to enable clients focus on their core business issues,” delineates Greg Rollet, CEO, AIS Data Centers. The firm’s services range from cloud, collocation and network connectivity to managed services.

AIS Data Centers operates data centers in San Diego, Phoenix, and a large high-capacity network ranging the Southwest–including Tier 1 Internet peering in Los Angeles. The firms’ services help organizations in reducing the complexities involved in the infrastructure management while enhancing operating efficiencies. In order to maximize performance, security, and reliability, AIS Data Centers manages its own regional Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, allowing for real-time service delivery from multiple points on the Internet to any AIS Data Centers facility. AIS Data Centers has approximately 40 Gbps of Internet connectivity and backbone connections spread across multiple facilities.

Furthermore, the AIS Data Centers’ cloud and collocation services and solutions are specifically designed with self healing mechanisms and are autonomous in case of any failure, or potential threats. The data centers have Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection capabilities that can mitigate attacks. “We partner with a cloud-based DDoS protection network providers that can absorb up to 200 Gbps of attack, thereby removing the unwanted traffic and allowing the “scrubbed” traffic to pass through to our clients,” adds Rollet.

Our mission is to provide innovative and trusted IT infrastructure solutions that enable clients to focus on their core business

Adding more credence is AIS Data Centers BusinessConnect and Network Connectivity solution that has been exclusively designed to help the customer organizations maintain their data centers with enhanced reliability, performance, and security. The AIS BusinessConnect product manages its own regional MPLS network to help organizations maintain real-time service delivery from diverse points into the Internet to any AIS Data Centers facility.

A multitude of organizations have benefited from the solutions formulated by AIS Data Centers. At one instance, a leading provider of secure mail management and mail processing services was facing impediments while moving their entire IT infrastructure out of a traditional on-site server room. The firm then approached AIS Data Centers to enable a seamless IT transition. “We helped them understand and capture the security, cost and control advantages of Managed Cloud Services and orchestrated the company’s transition to AIS BusinessCloud in less than 20 days,” states Rollet.

With data centers being a key enabler for just about any organization today, AIS is trying to simplify the complexities involved in the space. Adding to their growth trajectory, the firm will continue in its quest of providing innovative and trusted IT infrastructure solutions that will help their clients focus on core businesses.